Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nasty Nasty Mossad

As one of the BBCs favourite internet personalities Deniersaurus-Rex was included on the distribution list of the advanced publicity list for the corporations latest prestigeous new series. So I thought it only reasonable that I let my faithful reader have a look at the details contained in the limited circulation press release. So dear reader read on......

From the Office of Mark Thompson - Director General of the BBC

In the wake of the recent slaughter of the wonderful peace negotiator and activist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh by Mossad. The BBC decided to delve further into the murky doings of the Israeli secret service known as Mossad. Using our international network of impartial ivestigative journalists we have gathered a huge amount of evidence on the activities of the evil that is Mossad. Drawing on irrefutable evidence from impeachable sources such as Hamas, Fatah, The Muslim Brotherhood, Islam 4 UK and the Metropolitan police's own Association of Black Police Officers this new series of documentaries will provide compelling evidence of the terrorism perpetrated on the world by Mossad at the behest of the evil state of Israel. At this time I can only pass on specific details of the first 3 episodes as the rest are still in production.

Episode 1 - Orla Guerin will present an episode in which she provides concrete evidence that Mossad abducted Madeleine McCann from her parents holiday apartment in Portugal. Using evidence provided exclusively to her by her many contacts in the Hamas peace brotherhood Orla will show how Madeleine was spirited out of Portugal and delivered to a Mosad training camp in the Occupied West Bank for indoctrination and training into Mossad's youth wing. A part of Mossad which can be proved to have carried out numerous murders of innocent Palestinian activists. In an emotionally charged final scene Orla and Madeliene's mother Kate shed REAL tears over Maddie's fate.

Episode 2 - George Galloway will present a facinting insite into the involvement of Mossad in the assassination of John F Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. George will prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact blind and so could not have shot Kennedy. He will provide documentary evidence that Jack Ruby (a JEW) was a Mossad agent who killed Oswald to stop the assassination being investigated properly. Further he will show on camera the contract for the construction of the grassy knoll complete with underground sniper nest from where 2 Mossad agents shot Kenedy. You will be able to see for yourself that the contract was signed by David Ben-Gurion.

Episode 3 - Jenny Tonge is your host for episode 3. Jenny investigates the truth behind Mossad's activities during WWII. Her programme will show for the first time what we at the BBC have suspected for a long time. Adolf Hitler was a secret JEW who started WWII with the specific purpose of creating a Jewish homeland in the middle east. She will further show that all the jews who suffered in the holocaust were Mossad volunteers who shared Hitler's desire for a Jewish homeland.

Further episodes will feature Mel Gibson on the real story behind Braveheart and how Mossad colluded with the evil English to kill William Wallace. Gordon Brown on how Mossad and the American banks ruined our economy and how David Cameron became a secret Jew just like Hitler and is probably in Mossad. Ken Livingston on Mossad's role in having him replaced as London mayor by Boris Johnson. The series will climax with an episode in which Jeremy Bowen reveals previously secret Jewish religious scriptures which mandate the eating of human flesh (especially babies) during their weird unnatural religious ceremonies.

As well as the main strand which will be screened simultaneously during primetime on all BBC TV and radio stations there will be a spin off on Cbebees which will inform the younger audience of Mossad's involvement in the deaths of Humpty Dumpty, Bambi, Cock Robin and Maude Flanders. Despite covering such unpleasant subjects as Mossad and Israel these programmes will be presented in a gentle thoughtful manner that allows even the youngest viewer to understand how evil Jews really are.

This series will be the definitive work on the evils of Mossad and will reinforce the BBC's reputation for honesty, impartiality and truth.

Mark Thompson - Director General of the BBC

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